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Haishen 80 face care cream

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  Haishen80 cream 


Premium anti-aging solution

Sea cucumber nutritive fresh



Sea cucumber extract 80%

The sea cucumber mucus extract helps with exceptional moisturemaintenance,

and it also has skin antibiotic and

anti-oxidative e ects because of saponin.

Caviar extract

Caviar extract gives the skin a lot of moisture and enhances its immunity, making your skin healthy to a whole new level.


It cultivates your skin to stay clear and clean,

and improves skin aging.

Adenosine With wrinkle improvement functional components,these give back tight elasticity to skin that has lost its elasticity due to aging.

Secret behind moisture-maintenance and


1. Skin regeneration

With the strong vitality of sea cucumbers, it cures fallen skin barriers that result from damaged skin tissue, and regenerates skin cells.

2. Excellent moisture-maintenance power

Sea cucumber mucus extract 80% forms double

moisture-maintenance protective layers inside

the skin as well as on the surfaces, keeping

the wet moisture for as long as possible,

and helps the skin glow.

3. Wrinkle improvement

Chondroitin sulfate, found in the sea

cucumber extract, helps with anti-aging

of the skin and blood vessels,

while also cultivating baby-like skin.



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Haishen 80 face care cream

Haishen 80 face care cream

Haishen 80 face care cream

Haishen 80 face care cream

Haishen 80 face care cream

Haishen 80 face care cream